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https://www.phambich.com/en/contact.html Pham Bich https://www.phambich.com/en/images/corpimg.png 115 臺北市南港區福德街373巷13號5樓 $ 02-1234-5678 We are international students from foreign countries. By sharing the good Taiwanese products with foreigners who are living in Taiwan now, it may make them love this lovely land more.   Besides introducing these good products to foreigners in Taiwan, we also would like to recommend them to other people all over the world.   In the future, we hopefully want to import excellent products to Taiwanese from oversea countries.   In the global village, we use our language advantages to enhance Taiwan to play a great part of this world.   We also can provide the Chinese-English-German-Vietnamese translation service, please send the documents to info@phambich.com   Then we will give a quotation to you.

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Rì 冷製手工皂
3 嬰兒 & 敏感性肌膚專用 酪梨 x 甜杏仁溫和100%手工皂 340  
2 澳洲堅果 x 蘆薈去角質100%冷製手工皂 340  
1 冰河泥 x 長備炭去角質100%冷製手工皂 340  
Rì 蘆薈皂
6 梔子花玻尿酸抗菌蘆薈皂(110g x 3) 450  
4 蓮花玻尿酸抗菌蘆薈皂(110g x 3) 450  
5 小蒼蘭玻尿酸抗菌蘆薈皂(110g x 3) 450  
Rì 乾洗手凝露
7 茶樹精油乾洗手 X 2 288  
Rì 護手霜
13 牡丹 Vitamin B5 護手霜 295  
12 玫瑰檜木 Vitamin B5 護手霜 295  
11 桂花 Vitamin B5 護手霜 295  
Rì 禮盒組
8 保濕滋潤防護禮盒 (玻尿酸蘆薈皂) 475  
9 保濕滋潤防護禮盒 (大) 800  
10 保濕滋潤防護禮盒 (小) 450  
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